Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Go Click Crazy

In the mood for some shopping? Looking for a special gift? Stop by My Chic Things Top 100 Sites List. I started this little list about a year ago and it has grown to over 260 members. Just yesterday, I had emails telling me 3 more people had joined. I let it reset every thirty days so everyone has a fair chance of being listed in the top 10.

If you aren't familiar with Top 100 Sites Lists, these are lists that sponsors join for free. The only rules are that they have to put the banner or URL code of that Top 100 Sites List on their website. It is a special code generated specifically for them. When people visit their website and click the special code, they are sent to that particular Top 100 Sites List. This is considered in IN vote for that site. Sites move up the list based on the number of IN votes they receive. The more people that click off their website to the Top 100 Site, the more IN votes for that sponsor. Clear as mud?

The reason you would want to visit my Top 100 Sites List is to see all the wonderful sponsors (remember I bragged about over 260) and visit their websites. You can go click crazy! It really is fun and you find so many new and different gift ideas. So if you happen to have a little free time, have a look!


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