Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Idols and Tickets To The Last Show

I finally decided to purchase American Idols Live Tour tickets for my daughter and I.  Now, I've taken my son to numerous concerts over the years including the Dave Matthews Band, The Police, Tom Petty, Pearl Jam and John Mayer.  Obviously these were not tickets he had to twist my arm to buy!  But, American Idol........well a little twisting had to be done. 

My daughter is really looking forward to seeing Jason Castro.  David Cook is my favorite.  I give these kids so much credit.  They are performing over 50 concerts, night after night, until mid-September.  Tulsa is the last stop on the tour.  At that point they will either perform with gusto because it is their last show or they will fall flat from pure exhaustion.  I hope that they are having such a ball that the go out with a bang!

I promise a review after the September 13 show at Tulsa's new BOK Center. Right now I'm getting excited to see John Mayer in Dallas August 1st.  I have tickets to the Dave Matthews Band in August too, but I'm letting my son have them.  He's actually going to go without me.  The nerve.


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