Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Miracle Cure For Dry Skin

I have horribly dry skin. I've read all the magazines that tell you not to take hot showers, but tepid water just doesn't do it for me. I've tried putting lotion on after I get out of the shower, but it leaves me with a sticky, goopy feeling. I've looked for products to use in the shower, but I still look like a lizard.I have been selling Voda soap at My Chic Things for over a year and it has quite a loyal following! It's all about the heavy oil base in the soaps, some called it a miracle cure and others said they couldn't live without it. One person wrote to me and said that she cut it up into smaller pieces (about 6 slices out of each bar)- She ordered a box of 4 soaps so it was easy to cut them up and store them in the box, that way she could use one small piece for about 2 showers and change to another one when she felt like it without any of the bars drying up or melting away sitting in water by the shower. How smart is that? My problem is making up my mind which soap fits my mood for the day.
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